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Encore is, since 1961, a service supplier of computing systems for high demand, mission critical, Real Time applications such as the simulation and data acquisition systems.


With the head office in Melbourne (Florida-USA) and subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, Japan and Spain, we presently offer a selection of maintenance plans, from a basic Logistic support to the Premium on-site labor support programs, designed to meet the growing demands of today's customers. Encore understands each customer has specific needs, which is why these support programs can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of the customer.


Encore provides expert maintenance, repair, and logistics support services for multivendor products, including Concurrent®, Encore™, HP®, SGI®, Sun®, PC’s, Motorola® and COTS.


Several civil and military customers and programs worldwide are using our products and services, an exhaustive list of references can be supplied upon request.


As it can be seen at www.compro.net, COMPRO has 3 divisions:


- Simulation Solutions: World-class commercial and military software and hardware simulation solutions


- Real-Time Products: Development of custom-integrated Real Time solutions with industry-leading determinism and scalability


- Comprehensive Services: Maintenance, professional services and comprehensive world-wide logistics support


In Italy, Encore computers are used or have been used, along the last 30 years, by customers like:


• AGIP: Data acquisition.

• Alenia: AMX, EFA, C27J simulators.

• Agusta: A129 simulator, A129MTS.

• Aermacchi : MB339 M346 simulators.

• ATM: Metro simulator.

• ENEL Data acquisition . Semibol

• ENEL and ENEA: Nuclear power plant simulator.

• Alitalia: Flight simulators.

• Ferrari: F1 engine simulator.

• Italian Air Force: flight simulators.

• Alitalia: Flight simulators.

• Rafael: GES.


In 2002, Encore was purchased by Compro Computer Services that was doing maintenance of Encore, SGI, Compaq, SUN, etc, in flight simulators in U.S.A. and U.K.

Since then, we are offering these services for our customers in Italy.


The 2 main activities of Encore Italy are:


- Maintenance of multi-manufacturer computer systems  (Encore, SUN, SGI, HP, Dell, etc).


- Sale of electronic components, spares, computer equipments, instrumentation, etc, new or refurbished from any manufacturer


We try to locate, in any part of the world, any part that customers ask us to find.


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