TPT Cockpit

The Tactics and Procedures Trainer (TPT) Cockpit is a faithful replica of the third batch, single place aircraft cockpit, from the lateral panels to the pedals. This includes a replica head-up display, instrument panel, and seat.


All functional controls, instrument panels, and cockpit hardware used are representative of the actual aircraft parts and reflect the same mechanical characteristics; that is, look, feel, and operate like the actual component. Non-functional components include silk-screened panels

and components that are not connected to the I/O system.


Controls are representative of the actual aircraft. Primary flight controls through an electric control loading system and secondary flight controls using replicated components. The rudder pedals have the aircraft’s position and adjustment capabilities.


Cockpit lighting (interior, light plates, and placards) closely resembles the actual aircraft lighting system including where feasible, the color of the light plates.


The cockpit seat is a mock-up of the actual aircraft seat and is equipped with simulated harness and non-functional oxygen regulator controls. The ejection handles are linked to software and the seat is electrically adjustable in height.

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