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Encore is present in Italy since 1976, first as Gould Electronics, then as Encore Computer (1989-1997) and now as Encore Real Time Computing S.r.l., since 1998.


Encore is part of the COMPRO Group that is known worldwide for its customer-focused leadership in technology, support solutions and innovative "industry-firsts."

Prior to COMPRO's origin, System Engineering Laboratories (SEL) was established in 1961, providing high-performance 32-bit minicomputer systems used in mission-critical, real-time applications. In 1980, Gould Electronics acquired SEL, becoming their Computer Systems Division (Gould CSD). Independently, Encore Computer Corporation was formed in 1983, creating massively scalable systems using open systems, merchant microprocessors and parallel technologies. In 1988 Nippon Mining purchased most Gould assets, while Encore purchased Gould CSD. In 1998 Gores Technology Group acquired Encore Computer Corporation, and renamed it Encore Real Time Computing. COMPRO began separately in 1985, providing comprehensive multi-vendor logistics and support services (including SEL/Gould/Encore) to computer and flight simulation sectors world-wide. In 2002, COMPRO purchased Encore Real Time Computing, including its accompanying legacy SEL/Gould resources, technology and expertise.


Today, COMPRO is an international supplier to flight simulation, data acquisition, transportation and energy markets, including original equipment manufacturers and integrators (Boeing, Lockheed, Thales, EADS, etc.) serving those markets. COMPRO develops interfaces and integrates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software demanded by today’s most challenging real time applications.


COMPRO continues the tradition of long-term product support by offering replacement solutions (e.g., the Legacy Computer Replacement System, or LCRS) that emphasize backward-compatibility coupled with future-proofing. Our Real Time Environment (RTE) is the world's fastest, most deterministic, lowest-latency real time computing solution available. COMPRO’s Technology Obsolescence Protection (TOP) and Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS) services assure that COTS solutions remain viable throughout decades-long program life cycles.

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