Configuration Management (CM)

Configuration Management (CM) provides COMPRO Customers with a one year subscription to the following deliverables:


  • Field Change Notices (FCN)
  • Peripheral Change Notices (PCN)
  • Technical Support Bulletins (TSB)
  • Access to COMPRO's Problem Reporting (PR) System
  • Assets Tracking Reports
  • All released Hardware and Diagnostic Updates (to perform a baseline)


FCNs are issued against COMPRO manufactured subassemblies as a result of engineering changes. PCNs are issued against vendor manufactured peripheral devices, as a result of engineering changes. TSBs are technical hints and tips to help maintain high levels of system reliability, compatibility, and support ability. Diagnostic Updates are the result of corrections to specific problems with the diagnostic software, or a change in hardware causing a corresponding change in the appropriate diagnostic, or diagnostic software enhancements. Hardware Updates are the result of corrections to specific COMPRO subassemblies. All deliverables under the CM service are sent to a single point of contact.


All hardware and diagnostic updates released to perform a baseline will occur at scheduled intervals, but no more than twice a year unless COMPRO generates a mandatory (safety hazard) or retrofit (design imperfection) change. Diagnostic updates for 91 Series, 93 Series, Multimax, Infinity, and Storage Product subscribers are embedded in the UMAX Operating System and will be delivered under a software program.


The Problem Reporting System records and manages problems relative to hardware, diagnostics, or documentation. Subscribers are given access to the on-line PR system, which enables the customer to submit a problem report and monitor the on going activity and status.


COMPRO maintains a configuration database for each system under subscription. As part replacement activities take place, the database containing current configuration/revision level status of each system under subscription is updated. Reports are generated indicating current revision level status of all system assets.


CM can be sold in conjunction with a maintenance contract (Plan A), or can be purchased as a stand-alone service (Plan B). The prerequisite to purchasing CM is a system audit and verification that the system is at minimum mandatory revisions.


When CM is purchased under Plan A in conjunction with a PHS or SHS contract, COMPRO will provide all material and labor for baselining. When CM is purchased under Plan A with a remote (RHS/CLDS/CRHS) contract, the customer must provide labor for baselining. On-site assistance is available at Time and Material Rates. See the published Time and Material Rates in the Service Terms and Conditions. COMPRO will report configuration changes for PHS or SHS contracted customers, and the customer will report configuration changes for RHS/CLDS/CRHS contracts.


When CM is purchased under Plan B, the customer must provide labor for base-lining. On-site assistance is available at Time and Material Rates. The customer is responsible for notifying COMPRO of any configuration changes.


CM covers repairs when the unit is under a 90-day warranty from a previous baseline, or if the customer has an accompanying maintenance contract which provides repair support.


Configuration Management is available on Home Office Quote (HOQ) based on the customers Schedule A. Pricing is non-discountable and the customer is billed annually, in advance. Contact Business Operations, Configuration Management for pricing, (321) 727-2211.


Information provided under Configuration Management is proprietary to COMPRO and/or its vendors and may not be released in any form to any third party without the express written consent of COMPRO. CM orders must be accompanied by a written quotation prepared by an authorized representative of COMPRO.

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