COTS Long Term Support Solutions

Some government programs, with decade-long lifecycles and upgrade/spares purchases distributed over several years, may find it impossible to obtain COTS products matching original configurations.  Motherboards become obsolete, disk drives change I/O methods, and peripheral standards evolve.  This complicates configuration management, creates software incompatibilities, and may make repairs impossible.


Technology Obsolescence Protection Service (TOPS) Option


COMPRO understands this challenge, and has created the Technology Obsolescence Protection Service (TOPS). TOPS guarantees that all major system subassemblies will remain supportable as long as the TOPS program is in effect. Here is how TOPS works:


  • Systems are purchased from COMPRO including an annual fee-per-node TOPS contract


  • When any major system assembly is designated “end-of-life” by the original equipment manufacturer, and spare parts are in demonstrably short supply, COMPRO will identify a freely interchangeable and readily available (that is, “fungible”) replacement


  • COMPRO will deliver the upgraded replacement system assembly upon a mutually agreeable schedule.  The assembly price will be based upon prevailing market rates


  • At no additional charge, COMPRO will provide remote integration services and support when necessary to assure compatibility with the customer’s application and existing 3rd party I/O.


COMPRO will be the final designator of assembly obsolescence.  TOPS may be added to any standard COMPRO remote or on-site maintenance plan. TOPS is available only with contiguous service, and any service lapse may invalidate TOPS availability. The following prerequisites apply:


  • Systems purchased from COMPRO


  • System audit and certification


  • System in good state of repair


  • Designated point of contact


  • Hardware at current minimum mandatory revision levels (revision updates are available for an additional charge)


Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS) Option

In addition to TOPS, COMPRO is offering Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS) for three to ten years.  To qualify, simply pre-pay a TOPS-enhanced maintenance program for a period of three years (minimum) to ten years (maximum), and COMPRO will procure and warehouse spare parts based upon engineering analysis or available manufacturer MTBF statistics.  This assures parts availability well into typical program life cycles.


GLTS works in conjunction with TOPS, meaning that any TOPS-qualified end-of-life replacements will be procured and warehoused for the duration of the GLTS period.


Pricing and Ordering Information

 Model Number:         TOPS-00

 Description:               Technology Obsolescence Protection Service

 Price:                         Home Office Quote (HOQ) – Dependent upon configuration


Note:  To download the product brochure, click here.

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