TPT Debriefing Station

The TPT Debriefing Station consists of a commercial-off-the-shelf PC and peripherals that perform debriefing sessions remotely, thereby allowing the TPT to continue training other pilots.

The Debriefing Station employs an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that provides the capability to:


  • Control the speed and direction during the playback of the recorded mission (frame-by-frame, forward, rewind, fast forward, stop).
  • Move the eye point to any angle in the mission arena.
  • Display a log with time stamps of all events that occurred during the mission, including switch movements and emergencies.
  • Display cockpit indicators for visual reference.
  • Show the position and movement of all players in the arena using trails. The trails show yaw, pitch, and roll of the moving object, bomb drops, and ordnance impact points.

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