Professional Services

We can provide post-support products and services that meet your site's specific needs. The services and products can be "stand alone" or part of a COMPRO/Encore support program.



  • Customized operating systems
  • Custom communications
  • Security features
  • Diagnostic tools



  • Consulting services (hardware and software)
  • System problem analysis (hardware and software)
  • OEM assistance services
  • Operating system assistance services
  • Application assistance services
  • Custom sustaining services
  • Custom training services
  • Custom Site/Facility-associated services
  • In house inspections, testing, or acceptance

Professional Services Hardware/Software Product


 CP91-102-023  TDM/RSX Upgrade Kit

 CP91-500  MASCOM I, MPX 3.2B CONCEPT/32

 CP91-501  MASCOM II, MPX 3.4 CONCEPT/32

 CP91-502  MASCOM III, MPX 3.4 RSX

 CP91-503  MASCOM IV, MPX 3.3 CONCEPT/32


 CP91-512  MPX 3.4 U02 Support on a 32/27

 CP91-513  MPX 3.4 ACX

 CP92-517  MPX 3.3 SCSI Support

 CP92-518  MPX 3.2B SCSI Support

 CP92-519  MPX 3.2C SCSI Support

 CP92-520  MPX 3.4 SCSI Support

 CP92-521  MPX 3.4 U02 SCSI Support

 CP93-522  Cartridge Tape Support, MPX 3.4

 CP94-523  SCSI Tape & Disc Support, MPX 2.1A

 CP94-524  SCSI Tape & Disc Support, MPX 2.4 (21st Century Upgrade)

 OS-1419-120Y  EPX Operating System (MPX 1.X Replacement)


Professional Consulting, Engineering and Installation Services (refer to Special Terms & Conditions for specific contract details on the offerings below):

Note: A sales request is required prior to delivery of a quote to a customer.

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