PILOT™ Software Components

The PILOT™ software can include the following items:

  • A dynamic visual environment which contains highly-realistic visual and sensor images that simulate the physical environment with geographical realism


  • Pop-up menus from which you can select the instruments you want to monitor and the functional flight panels you want to use during the mission


  • Over 15 shortcuts that you can use as operational controls or to enable/ disable displays.


  • Optional HUD view that indicates air and ground-based targets; missile, bomb, and gun tracer flyouts; and textured terrain


  • Optional Multi-Functional Display with which you can obtain and modify the current route plan


  • A pre-programmed joystick and throttle to support operational, weapon, and propulsion control functions


  • Pre-defined training missions as well as tools for developing your own combat scenarios

Note: COMPRO configures the instrument selection and customizes all panels to meet your site’s specific needs.

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