Tactics and Procedures Trainer (TPT)

COMPRO’s Tactics and Procedures Trainer (TPT) provides a high-fidelity, high-performance training solution at a fraction of the cost of other training devices that use real aircraft avionics. The TPT’s flight controls and displays are driven by realistic computer simulations of the actual aircraft’s systems, providing accurate responses to pilot input.


By simulating the aircraft’s systems, autopilot, and navigational and operational instruments, COMPRO’s TPT allows a large number of pilots to be trained to a consistently high level of competence in a short time.


The TPT is ideal for pilot familiarization, mission rehearsal, and most flight operations, which includes:

  • Radar and weapon systems training


  • Combat scenario development tools


  • Attack training


  • Real-time scoring mechanisms


  • Navigation training


  • Realistic audio


  • Navigation systems training


  • Dynamic tactical scenarios


  • Instruments flight training


  • Network connectivity


  • Independent pilot/user operation


  • Advanced avionics and sensors


  • High fidelity cockpit replicas


  • Full systems integration

The TPT uses COMPRO’s Modular Universal Simulation Environment (MUSE™) software, which includes support training in emergency procedures, instrument flight, and air-to-air and air-to-ground combat within a dense threat environment.


The primary components of COMPRO’s Tactics and Procedures Trainer (TPT) include:



Note:  To download the Tactics and Procedures Trainer product brochure, click here.

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