We can provide training for your COMPRO/Encore real-time system computers. Our experienced staff will deliver standard and/or customized courses at your site or at our Training facility in Melbourne, Florida. Call us at (321) 727-2211 to discuss your specific training needs.


The standard courses available are listed below.  Custom courses are also available for Encore computer models 32/27, 32/67, 32/77, 32/87, 32/97, and RSX systems.  For a complete training catalog, please click here.


RSX Courses

  • T2000 RSX Maintenance Differences
  • T2050 RSX System and Diagnostic Overview
  • T2051 RSX Intelligent Console Diagnostics
  • T2060 RSX System Maintenance


CONCEPT/32 Courses

  • T360 32/87 & 32/97 Maintenance
  • T361 32/87 & 32/97 Microdiagnostics
  • T362 32/87 & 32/97 Fault Isolation
  • T390 MULTISel and CONCEPT 32/67 System Maintenance
  • T391 MULTISel System Familiarization


MPX-32 Courses

  • T116 Introduction to FORTRAN 77+
  • T117 Advanced FORTRAN 77+
  • T121 Introduction to Assembly
  • T151 Introduction to MPX-32
  • T152 MPX-32 Programming Environment
  • T153 Programming in Assembly
  • T155 MPX-32 System Administration
  • T156 Hardware Concepts for the MPX-32 Software User
  • T158 MPX-32 Internals

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